previous competitions / 4st edition 2012-2013

On the theme of open-ended "nomadic construction", the competition's aim is to invent buildings positioned strategically around the city, based on Algeco construction modules.

ALGECO® modules are credible for exploring this subject, since they are already part of the temporary landscape of our changing cities. Like Swiss army knives, these "kiosks" and their lightweight architecture need to provide a wide range of shared functions. Their use could reflect their location, the season or the climate (different activities in winter and summer), turning them into local, multi-generational social structures that are potentially virtuous in terms of energy consumption.
Last, the aim is to design architectural concepts that reflect new, emerging urban practices, with the widespread use of smartphones and the new behaviours arising from the faster pace of exchange and information in a globalised culture. Architects must move with the process of change.
We are still at the dawn of a "connected" society, one that will also involve new commercial practices that could be allied with new meeting points. The aim of the Algeco competition is to bring these places to light and, in so doing, to contribute to the changing face of shared and precious, public spaces.

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