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Better space / Better health

Well-being and personal fulfilment are among the greatest of modern preoccupations. This has led to a search for new spaces in the heart of the city, for socialising and spending leisure time. Citizens are now demanding and seeking out these places where they feel comfortable, and where their needs are met.
Local authorities are on board, and looking to extend these oases of well-being. This is noble as well as ambitious, since it means that we have to rethink the way health facilities and spaces are designed in the city.
Within this context, and to give impetus to this phenomenon, Algeco is launching its new issue of Architecture(s) Élémentaire(s) on the theme: "Inventing new havens for health and well-being in the heart of cities..."

The purpose of the competition

The aim of this competition is to breathe life into these new urban spaces and to optimise their appeal to meet the needs of all those involved.
Since the range of responses is infinite, the jury will be looking for innovation as the determining factor. Participants will be challenged to remain pragmatic while exploring new horizons.
It is up to them, up to you, to invent new temporary or permanent spaces to serve the body and mind and overall health. There are a number of hurdles to overcome, structures to be built, and spaces to be developed to achieve these havens.


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